Standing Orders

1a:   All applicants are required to provide an Itemised Provisional Budget on the Application Form, to specify in detail, as far as is possible, how they will spend the grant from the charity if the application is successful. This detail should include, for example, any cost quotations available for any goods or services to be paid for, also indicating where relevant, for example, the intended suppliers and any relevant specific types or model numbers for goods, and the name(s) and course number(s) of any intended training course(s), and the unit cost for any multiple items in the budget. Grant applications should not include any costing for volunteer labour. Grants will not be made retrospectively for any past activities or expenditure already made.

1b.   All recipients of grants from the charity are required to send to the Secretary of the charity, within 3 months of the date of when the grant is awarded, a detailed statement of account to show how the money from the charity has been spent, together with the relevant receipts for payments which they have made from this money. If the recipient of the grant fails to send in receipts after being awarded a grant, the applicant would not be awarded any further grants. 

2a.   All applications for grants should be sent by the due date, by post or email, to the Secretary of the charity. The Secretary will then copy all the applications received by the due date to all advisors at least one week before the advisors will meet to determine the award of grants to the successful applicants. The “due date” is the 1st day of the month in which a Board meeting is held, that is, March, June, September and December.

 2b.   When a grant application from an individual advisor or from a advisor’s own family or near relative is to be discussed and determined by Parish Council as Trustee, and the independent advisors (the Board), the advisor concerned must leave the room and take no part in the discussion or decision-making process.

 2c.   When a grant application from Horspath Parish Council (to include Horspath Recreation Charity and Horspath Village Hall) is to be discussed and determined by the Board, a minimum of two of the charity’s Independent Advisors must be present at the meeting and their approval in support of the application must be given before that grant can be awarded.

 3.   Individual residents and organized community groups in Horspath may apply for grants from the charity, but in the event of over-subscription, priority will be given at the discretion of the advisors to the support of projects which benefit the community as a whole over those which benefit only individuals. Applications from individuals may only be granted for artistic, education & training (but excluding general tuition fees), general environmental, cultural, sporting excellence or exceptional opportunity purposes (excluding general membership and subscription fees) and for care in the community for the elderly and disabled. It may be insisted that any such grants are paid to a relevant third party supplier. The Board welcomes applications for grants which will fund part of the total cost of a project which will be partly funded to an equal extent by the applicants themselves. Grants will not be made to assist business, commercial or paid activities, or as contributions towards the cost of holidays or the cost of improvements to private property. Grants will normally be awarded only for activities to be carried out within the UK rather than abroad.

The Board reviews the Standing Orders annually unless changes are needed sooner.