Grants Available for Horspath School Children

(These grants are schoolchildren whose parents/guardians reside in the parish of Horspath irrespective of whether they attend Horspath primary or other local schools).

Yenworthy trip – £100 towards the cost of the school organised trip.

6th form school transport costs – £ 100 grant towards the cost of travelling on the Wheatley Park or other school bus for the over 16’s (where Oxfordshire County Council does not automatically cover the cost).

Secondary school uniform – £100 grant towards new school uniform for all Horspath resident pupils transferring from primary school to Wheatley Park or other local senior school.

Swimming lessons – £100 grant towards the costs of swimming lessons for Horspath resident children aged between 4 and 16.

Further information please contact:
Beverley Oakley. Tel: 07917 968292 email: