Does ‘education’ include school or university fees?

The simple answer is “no”.  However equipment for sporting excellence and in some circumstances, the purchase of books and uniforms etc. may be considered a legitimate request.  
Note: All individuals applying for a grant for educational purposes must include the name of the educational establishment in the text area “Further Information” on the application form.


What about a gap year experience?

Charitable work in the UK or abroad is a legitimate activity.  However, the advisors will require to see proof that such work is actually being undertaken, and that any grant money will be applied to a serious and not a frivolous purpose.


Am I required to report on the use of my grant?

Within 3 months of receiving a grant, applicants are required to inform the advisors when and how the grant has been used, including all invoices and receipts. See “Standing Orders”.

How and when will I be paid?

All payments will be made by BACS, as soon as is practically possible following the quarterly advisors’ meeting.  The advisors will meet in private to discuss the grant applications once every 3 months in March, June, September and December.


If my application is scaled back, can I re-apply?

This is something that will need to be ironed out as the years progress. In principle, you can apply as many times as you wish.  In practice, the advisors may decide, with your knowledge and permission, to defer an application to the following quarter (or later) to allow cashflow to build up and then prioritise it so that it can be paid in full.


Can the advisors refuse an application?

Yes. If the application does not fit the criteria of the charity, the advisors may refuse it, and the decision of the advisors is final and with no provision for any appeal by an applicant.