Horspath Stone Pit Charitable Aims



  1. The Trustees of the Charity shall be the elected councillors of the Horspath Parish Council together with up to 5 independent Advisers at any given time with the Chairman of the Parish Council acting as Chairman of the Trustees.
  2. The quorum for any meeting shall be set at 4 Trustees.


  1. “For such charitable purposes for the general benefit of the inhabitants of the area of the ancient parish of Horspath as the Trustees think fit” – meaning only residents living in and organisations operating entirely within the parish of Horspath, Oxfordshire, may benefit from any of the income of the Charity.


  1. With two exceptions:
  2. the purchase of freehold property or building works, to be approved by majority vote and communicated at the AGM, OR
  • the lending of any amount upon any terms determined by the Trustees (including but not limited to the charging of interest or not and the term of any loan) secured by way of legal charge against freehold property where the Trustees determine that this is in the best interests of the Charity.
  1. Applications from/for individuals are in recognition of exceptional performance (in education; the arts; sporting excellence; community engagement; or is recognised as an ambassador, who promotes the village through their exceptional actions). In essence, these are recognition awards for those who give something back to the village of Horspath, or have excelled in a particular areas for which the Trustees may wish to acknowledge through this process.
  2. All organisation funding and individual awards agreed by the Trustees for shall require a clear majority vote. Any casting vote of the Chairman shall always be to refuse an application. BACS payments will be raised solely by the Parish Clerk and will require two signatures. All funding shall be minuted by the Parish Clerk quarterly, minutes to be approved one month later and displayed on the public noticeboard adjacent to the minutes of the Parish Council. The financial statement will be displayed annually.
  3. Under no circumstances can any benefit be offered to any government or local government structure in an attempt to reduce normal taxation.


  1. All applications for organisation funding and individual awards are to be submitted in writing on the appropriate application form. Proof of residence by way of an electoral role number (or that of the head of the household if the applicant is aged under 18) a recent bank statement or utility bill shall be deemed sufficient proof of residence.
  2. Applications for funding shall be considered by the Trustees on a quarterly basis.
  3. The Trustees will be informed at the start of the meeting the total value of village organization applications and the total value of individual applications together with the accumulative balance of funds available.
  4. The Trustees must treat applications fairly and must not discriminate against any organisation or individual on any unreasonable grounds, providing sufficient funds are available to meet all the requests at any given time.
  5. In the event that there is insufficient funding, the value of the funding awarded will be scaled back in equal proportion.
  6. The Trustees reserve the right to review and amend the Constitution as necessary to protect the interests of the Charity.