Photo Credit: Kamila Szulclerch

 -Welcome to Horspath Stone Pit Charity

Horspath Stone Pit Charity is exclusively for the benefit of residents and village organisations within the village and Parish of Horspath, Oxfordshire. (Please note that any correspondence or applications from outside this area will not be considered.)

Horspath Stone Pit was given to the residents of the village by virtue of the Inclosure award of 1858 and was incorporated into a registered charity in 1988. The original land is leased by Stagecoach PLC as their Oxford Bus Depot with an internal section being sub-leased to Hanson.

The Charity negotiated a new 50 year lease with our tenants on the site, the substantial income from which is available for village residents and organisations via a simple application process. Applications are considered on a quarterly basis.

Grants are not means tested and are available to all residents for educational (excluding general tuition fees), charitable, artistic, cultural, sporting excellence or exceptional opportunity purposes (excluding general membership and subscription fees), community engagement, general  environmental projects, and for care in the community for the elderly and disabled.